Eroticism, strong bits, good music and great fun go together. Good Dj can animate every party, but Dj Topless is sensation who doesn’t have equals. Girl, who control to perfection an art of seduction by movement, an art of dance and who excellent tackle with console, it’s a magnet in every club. To have what to how and great play- no every can it, but she can!

It’s probably only Dj, who has quite long and fertile history of clubbing experiences. She has played in the best clubs in Poland, animated the most demanding denizens of good, fresh rhythms, and huge dose of eroticism awake even those who normally club doesn’t move. It’s moves this time. Carefully selected music sets, in which everyone find note for himself, great costumes ( and even more genial lack of them)it has to impressed. No one can guess, is the music is an additional to the erotic dance and fun, or maybe on the contrary, and this what it can see, it’s only the complement of picture of the best party all over the Word.

If you are looking for someone, who lead truly strong party, who deal with leading even the most demanding company and who can serving music on the level, in which you even know that exists- you hit the best. Eyes and ears have occupation for all party. But, serious-The Dj truly is wonderful and surely perform topless for her own satisfaction and mainly for enhance the show, which she can lead genial. Probably even in motorcycle costume she will fleece the crowds, but without this is more, more pleasantly.

Music surely warm the atmosphere, but there is no chance that it touch erotic zone. But Dj Topless is something else. Music and erotic dance on the highest lever fix excellently, making genial connection for all, who need a clear stimulus to distinguish average but perfect discotheque, from true performance in one of the best clubs. Maybe this hint of nudity is this what lack truly good parties to the excellence about which everyone is dreaming. There is solution for this- Dj Topless will fix lack of eroticism, giving truly spicy presentation of her music and dancing skills.

When you’ll chose a Dj, who will play in your house in a special show, remember, that eroticism is not all: without good music it’s only funny stage, because of that, the sets of Dj Topless are made in small detail and composed to everyone find favorite note and has an occasion to ripping around for every times. Sensual dance of girl behind the console, surely add note of spicy to total, which distinguish your show from many others, not always remarkable. This presentation surely forever stay in memory.