At first was impossible, Later, was a dream, and from this the plan. Now form plan is prepared project, which, from some time, get a huge popularity. The Ladies impact is making the impossible-Dj and violinist in one creation make atmosphere, which no one club never seen. The Dj play her set, some parts she prepared together with the violinist. If you still believe in bullshit that the violin doesn’t match to the club, you don’t know nothing about how the electric violin sounds, and what our violinist can do with it, but it’s nothing- you will know about it, if The Ladies impact come to your party.

The Ladies impact is the most amazing show, which it could be presented. This is prepared for you by one of the best Dj in this part of World with talented violinist. Both can play that the hairs staying at attention, and if they play together, music get the third dimension. Only this is needed to get every party, even almost perfect, to ideal. But not everyone can prepare it. For the Ladies impact the Dj Hot Lady, the most recognizable Dj in Poland, is responsible. Dj Hot Lady surely visited all high noted clubs and played so much sets, that no one can count.

This what is happening on the stage and behind it, is not accidental. Girls prepares theirs presentations to match it to expectations of participants of the fun. Instead of making the most dj’s mistakes- repeat the same sets, they prepared form 0 to every party, making a package to special tasks. Thanks for it every show is unrepeatable and it can to always watch it. Nothing happens two time. Connection of deep bites, perfect rhythm and music appreciated all over the Word, with refreshed sound of electric violin in unusual edition is an amazing experience.

Dj Hot Lady gladly proof her possibilities, and if you don’t believe- invite the girls on your party. You see, what does it mean to achieve impossible. From other part-if you once try, you will want to repeat constantly this show. There is not a problem, we can arrange it- no one will be bored, because for every time everything is different. Only professional performers and high quality of presentation are staying, but music, atmosphere, character, which The Ladies impact makes, are impossible to repeat even for us- for every time it’s perfect, but for every time different.

So different that no one never be bored, but so similar to not lose the originality, which stay behind his popularity. It can’t imagine better party package, than Dj and violinist in a few sounds of set. Sound unusual? But that is! The Ladies impact is not a proposition for people who likes classic- it’s something for person, who are looking for hot newness.