How do you think, how many eroticism is in one show and how to examine this? There is a way-Sex mission-perfect, presentation made in every inch, on which is wanted to watch endless. On the main place, behind a console will stay Dj Hot Lady, but this time in with equally attractive and hot dancers-on the stage or somewhere near. There is a way to warm to redness all club. Here there is no place to jokes- it’s drenched of eroticism show, in which everyone join with pleasure and wild delight.

Girls shock theirs graces, grab the attention, but background of total presentation is perfect matched music. None prepared, averages sets, only package created especially for your club, your party and your guests. There isn’t bullshitting, there is spicy fun on strong bites, rhythms, which hypnotize and sensual movements of dancers, who have to allure a glaze.

Sex mission is not one of this cheap parties, on which you had heard- here it doesn’t mean about nudity, but about eroticism, which ensue from carnality, but is heated by perfect music, which seethe framed by perfect sounds, where total show is indissoluble. It can’t only listen or only watch, because the presentation perfect prepared hoist everyone and do not let to breathe. Emotions, eroticism, leading: here all ha a place, none element is accidental, all screenplay of the party is considered and sort like that it will be unrepeatable evening. Sex mission is not an average presentation for plain clubs-it’s a show, which impress the most choosy. With it the girls visited many cities, evoked everywhere a motion and made atmosphere, in which is impossible to have not fun.

Now the Sex mission is also option for you. Are you looking for something amazing, some idea for a party in club or outdoor? Do you want to town, to show everyone something, what stay in memory forever? There isn’t better way. All what you get in package of Sex mission is necessary; perfect music matched especially to the party and taste of the guests, perfect Dj, who was born with console switch in hand and who has trained a skills of leading every, even the most unusual party, and therefor the dancers in pairs or groups on the stage or beyond it.

The intensity of sex like this, you doesn’t see yet in none club, and all is planned, considered, but in spite of this, spontaneous and always unrepeatable. The girls finds yourself in every situation, they can awake every party. If you don’t believe, that better, you will be satisfied and surprised. The Sex mission is the biggest dose of sex appeal, on which you can ever lean- nothing allure crowds and not give such a perfect impressions. Music, sex, happiness and fun without non restrictions. There are rules, which control the Sex mission show.